Amateur Garden Club - President: Mary Carpenter

Bolton Hill Garden Club – President: Christian Roth
Geographic area: Bolton Hill in midtown Baltimore City bounded by Dolphin Street, Eutaw Street/Place, Mt. Royal Avenue and North Avenue

For more than 80 years, a garden club has been part of the Bolton Hill community. Although the name has changed over the years, the mission remains the same. We emphasize preserving neighborhood parks and encouraging beautification and a sense of city living through plants and activities. We are a Club devoted primarily to community work. Our Greening Grants program encourages work in public places and allows us to complete major projects such as planning and installing the wrought iron fountain and plantings in the 1800 block of Eutaw Street and the restoration of Sumpter Park. In addition, we donate to various conservancies and preservation programs.  Our meetings are held in the evenings in our neighborhood. We bring food and provide wine. The atmosphere is always convivial and welcoming.

Cliff Dwellers Garden Club – President: Katherine Geise

Geographic area: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County

Formed in 1930, we have 19 active members, 8 associate and 2 honorary members. We are beginning a new outreach project this year with Meals On Wheels and continue to maintain Friendship Garden at Evergreen Museum. Our programs for the year include Outreach, Floral Design, Horticulture, Conservation/Environment and Historical Preservation. This will be our first year working with Meals on Wheels (MOW). At our October meeting members will bring flowers from their gardens, and we will work together to create small arrangements to be delivered with meals by the MOW volunteers. We plan to do this several times during the year with a variety of materials. Our work at Evergreen will continue.

Dickeyville Garden Club - President(s): Amy Cyman/Seeley Foley

Geographic area: The village of historic Dickeyville in Baltimore City,

Founded in 1940, membership in the Dickeyville Garden Club currently numbers 29, but many of our programs involve other residents of the village as well. Many activities focus on implementing the master-landscaping plan we created in 2008/9 for the common spaces in the village, including a portion of City parkland along the Gwynns Falls. In addition to our “planning and planting” activities, we hold events. Our annual fall bonfire and cook off brings out some of the village’s best chefs (and musicians.) Each December, we return the favor by cooking for residents at our annual Pancake Breakfast and Greens Sale, which is also our main fundraiser.

For-Win-Ash Garden Club – President: Janice Gordon

Geographic Area: Forest Park, Windsor Hills, Ashburton and surrounding communities in Baltimore City

For-Win-Ash was founded in 1959 to plan for the continued beautification and enhancement of the area. With approximately 30 active members, For-Win-Ash is focused on providing a forum to educate the public and our members in floral design and horticulture with an emphasis on protecting the environment. We participate in Art Blooms at The Walters as well as various educational programs for youth at the Banneker Museum and area church schools. We have the Naomi Camper Garden at Cylburn Arboretum. We created a Native Plant Butterfly Garden at the Forest Park Golf Course and are active in Maryland’s Baywise Program. We will host a Small Standard Flower Show at Kenilworth Bazaar in May.

Garden Workshop Garden Club – President: Katherine Edwards

Geographic area: Baltimore City and County

Garden Workshop was founded in 1954 in Roland Park. We have a membership of approximately 30 who meet monthly, September through June, primarily in members’ homes for lunch and programs. Meetings include educational programs primarily focused on gardening, floral arrangements and related topics. All projects are viewed as therapeutic and constructive to the health and welfare of our membership. We volunteer at Ladew Gardens, the Rawlings Conservatory, Walters Art Blooms and church projects.

Guilford Garden Club – President: Nettie Washburn (until June 2018)

Homeland Garden Club – President: Sylvia Parker

Geographic Area: Baltimore City and County

The Homeland Garden Club was founded in 1926 and federated in 1931. We currently have 32 members but are making retaining and attracting new members a priority this year. Our Club has excellent and diverse programs and enjoy meeting in each other’s homes as well as field trips. Our priorities include gardening and flower arranging. We also have community service and garden therapy projects. We support Homeland Community Foundation with donations for hardscape items to enhance community open spaces, participate in Homewood House Decorating and Art Blooms and give volunteer time and financial support to Rawlings Conservatory. We work with the William S. Baer School in hands-on gardening and we provide funds for projects at the school.

Lake Hills Garden Club – President: Susan Scheir

Little Garden Club – President: Maidie Podles

Geographic area: Roland Park and Towson

The Little Garden Club focuses on horticulture and members enjoy hands on programs.

Mt. Royal Garden Club – President: Millicent Tyler

Geographic Area: Mainly in Guilford

Mt. Royal Garden Club was formed in 1931 and has approximately 20 members. Programs include arranging flowers, composting and visiting established gardens, conservation and making holiday wreaths. We also have a ‘What’s in Your Toolbox?’ project.

Mt Washington Garden Club - President: Geri Schlenoff

The Mt. Washington Garden Club, now in its 84th year, is more active and exciting than ever!  Our membership has grown to 27 active members and 2 associate members.  The club originated in Mt. Washington and we return there often for member meetings.  We also do many volunteer projects in the city including decorating the Carroll Mansion for the Christmas holidays, garden therapy with a city school and at Rawlings Conservatory, landscaping the Metro stop on President Street and participating in Cylburn Market Day in the Spring.  We keep busy!!!   We pride ourselves on being a small club where personal relationships and warm friendships are the flowers in the garden of life!

Roland Park Garden Club – President:  Joan Partridge

Geographic Area: Towson and Roland Park

Roland Park Garden Club was founded in 1924 and has 29 Active, 1 Honorary and 3 Associate members. Our club strives to enhance and maintain the beautification of surrounding public areas through our various projects. Our monthly programs focus on enlightening members about gardening, wildlife and opportunities available for conservation of such in Baltimore. While pursuing these aims, our members have always enjoyed a warm and happy association that makes each and every meeting a project of joy! Our current community service program is at the Hampden Family Center in Baltimore City. We visit the children’s after-school and summer camp programs where we discuss flowers and plants and host hands-on workshops teaching the children how to arrange flowers, decorate miniature Christmas trees, plant beans and other vegetables and play garden related games.

St. George’s Garden Club – President: Rebecca Waters

No specific Geographic area

St. George’s was founded on May 10, 1927. We have approximately 50 full members and 25 affiliate members. Our direction tends to vary a bit depending on who is in charge but we emphasize education and community service. We maintain the garden at House of Ruth and provide holiday decorations there. We decorate and make arrangements for the Ladew Gardens Christmas Show and Art Blooms at the Walters. We take holiday decorations to My Sister’s Place. We try hard to have flower shows in public places (like libraries and Irvine Nature Center) or at retirement communities and schools (Baltimore School for the Arts) where we can share our passion. We have a garden at Irvine Nature Center.

Woman’s Club of Roland Park Garden Club - President: Salli Ward

Currently we are a garden club in name only and do not have any activities. As Chairman of the Garden Committee of the Woman’s Club of Roland Park, I am the “President of the Garden Club” and asked to get three programs per year on garden related subjects.
The Woman’s Club was started in 1896 but the first evidence of a garden club we have found is a two-page schedule for a standard flower show dated 1927. Flower shows were a regular feature of the Woman’s Club into the eighties when it appears participation began to drop off. Today some of our Woman’s Club members want to be affiliated with a garden club so they pay the required $10 a year for membership. We have 8 members currently.

Woodland Garden Club - President: Deborah Frey

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