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Deer Problems


The deer completely devoured the bottoms of my beautiful holly bushes this winter. What should I do if anything?

Deer have had a tough time this winter with all of the snow accumulation we have received this year. Prune the top of the holly back a bit to allow light to shine on the bottom branches. Give your holly some fertilizer this spring; Hollytone is a good choice. Feed it this spring and again in late summer. Next year, use some deer repellant. I like to use the deer tape from Messina Wildlife. It has kept deer from getting in to my garden regularly.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs


Solutions for Common Problems

I purchased a Coonara Pygmy Japanese Maple Topiary this spring and had one of the community’s landscaping guys plant it.
I was disturbed when I saw that he had emptied one-third bag of Hollytone into the planting. The leaves never turned red. It gets a sufficient amount of sunlight so I don’t think that’s the problem. Could too much acidity be the problem? If so, how do I correct this?

The Coonara Pygmy Japanese Maple usually starts off in spring with a pale pink to green leaf. By summer the leaves should be green. With the cooler temperatures of fall, the leaves will feature orange, yellow and a splash of red here and there.
Hollytone is a good fertilizer, and, while used primarily for acid-loving plants, should not be harmful to the maple. The iron in it should not change the soil pH by much, if at all. If you get a chance, bring us a soil sample and we’ll check the pH for acidity/alkalinity while you wait for no charge. As you come into the store, head back to our greenhouse. It will take us about 5 minutes.